Population Health Intensive for 2014 a success

25 June 2014

The Population Health Intensive (PHI), a week of population health learning and experiences for Year 5 medical students led by A/Prof Chris Bullen and co-ordinated by Debbie Holmes, was held at the School from June 9-13th.

This is the eighth year PHI has been held.  Over 180 medical students in Auckland, Hamilton and Whangarei, were organised into teams of 10-12 and sent out to gather information on a wide range of topics from key informants in more than 150 community organisations and individuals. Their task was to deliver a compelling case for a population health intervention addressing an identified gap with a notional budget of $500,000. 

We acknowledge the superb support from staff at the School – academic staff and some doctoral students from many departments and centres across the School helped as facilitators, assessors, moderators, topic experts; administrative and technical staff helped with the organisational tasks to ensure smooth running throughout the week. Thank you to all who had input into making this a success.

Peter Adams|  Social & Community Health | Acting Head, School of Population Health