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Recent graduates describe their BHSc experiences


“I love that this degree offers such a range of subjects that can lead to virtually anywhere in the health sector. I’ve always had a strong interest in health, not only the symptoms and biological causes, but how other factors in everyday life all into the mix. I eventually want to work in an environment where I am promoting and improving health in New Zealand.

“Tāmaki Campus is a great place to study and hang out with friends, and our tutors and lecturers are great at creating a supportive environment.

“The fact there are so many courses, and opportunities available, means I really don’t feel constrained. The range of subjects has allowed me to broaden my scope and give me ideas as to how and where I could help improve New Zealand health. I feel the courses in this degree are helping to strengthen and shape my knowledge into something that can be used as a tool to excel in my career in the health sector.

“I love the city life - Auckland has a great mix of people and cultures, and there’s always something to do. The friends I have made since moving up from Hamilton are definitely a highlight of my time at University.”

Isaac Smith is a BHSc Hons graduate and currently studying for medicine.



“The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland offers a unique degree focusing on population health that highlights the causes of health ailments and how they can be prevented.

“I have found the approachable nature of the fantastic teaching staff makes it easy to have a chat about any issue. The learning facilities are also great - with the Tāmaki Innovation Campus being one of the most relaxing places to study.

“I would love to work in public health in the future, particularly in Māori and Pacific communities. Health Sciences offers a broad range of subjects that are essential in public health. The introduction of the pathways initiative has been invaluable as it makes it possible to group related papers in a particular field.”

Sharn Birch-Robertson has completed a BCom/BHSc and is now studying medicine.

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“From a young age, I have always been curious as to how people’s environments and choices ultimately affect their health and why this is so. I was drawn to the Bachelor of Health Sciences because the programme provides me with the tools and flexibility to explore a wide range of issues within the health field and beyond.

“I like how this degree explores a range of subject material which is all interlinked with health; including philosophy and ethics, epidemiology, anatomy and chemistry. This degree has helped me to gain a broader perspective of the world and population health; as well as a better appreciation for what is involved in the decision making process within aspects of population health.

“With so many clubs and societies on offer, it’s hard not to be part of the University in some way. During my time here, I’ve been part of the Uniguide volunteer programme as well as being a University of Auckland Ambassador. This has provided me with invaluable skills in leadership and communication, as well as giving me the opportunity to work with a great bunch of people who have the same interests as me.”

Andrea Malto has completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences  as part of her conjoint BHSc/BSc.