South Auckland Clinical Campus

Integrated Care Research Group – publications


  • Dowell A, Stubbe M, MacDonald L, Tester R, Gray L, Vernall S, Kenealy T, Sheridan N, Docherty, B, Hall D-A, Raphael D, Dew K. A longitudinal study of interactions between health professionals and people with newly diagnosed diabetes. Annals of Family Medicine 2018;16(1):37-44
  • Parsons M, Parsons J, Rouse P, Avinesh P, Mathieson S, Parsons R, Smith C, Kenealy T. Supported Discharge Teams for older people in hospital acute care: A randomised controlled trial. Age and Ageing 2018;47(2):288-294
  • Steele Gray C, Wodchis WP, Baker GR, Carswell P, Kenealy T, McKillop A, Breton M, Parsons J, Sheridan N. Mapping for conceptual clarity: Exploring implementation of integrated community-based Primary health care from a whole systems perspective. International Journal of integrated Care, 2018;18(1):14, 1-12
  • Wodchis WP, Ashton T, Baker GR, Sheridan N, Kuluski K, McKillop A, Miller FA, Parsons J, Kenealy T. A Research Program on Implementing Integrated Care for Older Adults with Complex Health Needs (iCOACH): An International Collaboration. International Journal of Integrated Care, 2018;18(2):9,1-10

Past publications