School of Population Health

The Centre for Tobacco Control Research

The Centre for Tobacco Control Research (CTCR) is based within Social and Community Health at The University of Auckland’s School of Population Health. The centre was launched in March 2006 following on from a project to develop a consolidated national research strategy for tobacco control.


The Centre for Tobacco Control Research (CTCR) is dedicated to tobacco control research in New Zealand that:

  • strengthens tobacco control research capacity and expertise particularly for Māori and Pacific communities
  • conducts relevant research to establish which interventions are the most effective for reducing the harm caused by tobacco
  • disseminates research and shares information at appropriate hui and fora
  • supports the implementation of the tobacco control research strategy.

What makes the centre unique?

“Unquestionably, Auckland leads the country in making cigarettes history. Fewer than 20% of Aucklanders smoke. Leading the thinking on new ways to reduce smoking, The University of Auckland, through CTCR, is working with the community, while CTRU [Clinical Trials Research Unit] is testing better alternative products for eventual sale to smokers,” says Dr Laugesen, a founding member of CTCR.

CTCR is the only research centre dedicated to tobacco control research in New Zealand. The centre provides a nurturing environment for emerging researchers (particularly Māori and Pacific) to embark on an academic career which is dedicated to improving the health of all New Zealanders. It does this through producing quality research, by highlighting the most effective interventions, and by disseminating information that contributes to the tobacco control knowledge base.

Our mission: To be a Centre of Excellence for tobacco control research.

Our vision: Research towards a Smokefree New Zealand.

Our values:

  • Mana motuhake - Independence and autonomy – all research is independent of any vested interests and expressly excludes any involvement with or for the tobacco industry.
  • Mahi pono - Honesty and integrity – able to be trusted, truthful in words and actions.
  • Mahi tahi ā mahi ngatahi - Cooperation and collaboration – between researchers, funders and users of tobacco control research.
  • Manaaki ē whakapono - Respect and trust – which will enable the centre to take on a leadership role as a Centre of Excellence for tobacco control research.
  • Auahi kore kaingākau - Smokefree commitment – all researchers and staff are smokefree in practice.

Our aims:

  • to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by tobacco smoking and exposure to tobacco smoking
  • to reduce the disproportionately high Māori and Pacific smoking prevalence
  • to build on the existing tobacco control knowledge base by implementing research in priority areas
  • to strengthen the tobacco control infrastructure for a sustainable tobacco control research workforce
  • to maintain a network of collegial and collaborative relationships among tobacco control researchers within NZ and overseas
  • to ensure a partnership with and the participation of Māori to address health disparities.

Courses offered:  

Postgraduate Special Topic: POPLHLTH 753 - Tobacco Control for New Zealand(78.0KB PDF) 

Quarterly seminars on latest tobacco control research and related developments