School of Population Health

Improving health of older people

A strong programme of research is led by Ngaire Kerse, a collaborating member of the Consortium for Health in Ageing. The research programme based at the School of Population Health comprises a series of intervention and observational studies aiming to improve understanding of the development and prevention of disability, reduce injury from falls, improve care in residential aged care and continue a cohort study of advanced ageing. LiLACs NZ is a cohort study that examines predictors of advanced age and the pathways of those in advanced age; 420 Maori aged 80-90 years and 527 non-Maori aged 85 years were enrolled in 2010 and we hope to follow long term.

  • Falls and older people: studies of falls in older people after stroke, in residential care and in a large sample of primary care patients have led to collaborative teams aiming to prevent falls through intervention development and testing.
  • Understanding the way things are done around here, organisational culture, and how culture may or may not be related to falls in residential care is a focus.
  • Medication use in all contexts. Studies of pharmaco-epidemiology of medication us in older people are ongoing
  • The impact of physical activity on development of disability and amelioration of depression. Various physical activity trials have led to an understanding of the potential to prevent development of disability.
  • Te Puāwaitanga O Ngā Tapuwae Kia Ora Tonu, Life and Living in Advanced Age: a Cohort Study in New Zealand, LiLACS NZ. (Health Research Council and Ministry of Health funded programme)