School of Population Health


The section was established in 1990 to provide a New Zealand based graduate programme for clinical audiology. It is part of the School of Population Health within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Staff engage in research in many areas of hearing science, including mechanisms, assessment and management of tinnitus; use of digital technology, hearing aids and music in the management of tinnitus; noise induced hearing loss; cochlear physiology and pathophysiology; mechanisms and the diagnosis of sensorineural deafness; auditory evoked potentials; central auditory processing; auditory habituation and otoacoustic emissions and also hold clinical positions within the Auckland region and within the University.

The department runs a fully fledged Audiology clinic and the Oticon Foundation Hearing and Education Centre. Audiology also has strong links with Speech Sciences, the Department of Physiology and other sections belonging to the School of Population Health.

Section facilities

The Section of Audiology is spread over two campuses at The University of Auckland –Grafton Campus and Tamaki Campus.

Facilities include six purpose-built sound-proof rooms in the Tamaki based clinic along with facilities for molecular biology, cellular and systematic physiology and microscopy.

We have a wide range of audiology equipment, including sound level meters, audiometers, immittance meters, video otoscope, real ear analysers and test box equipment, ear mould modification equipment and evoked potential testing equipment.


Any enquiries should be addressed to the Head of Audiology:


Level 3, Bldg. 730, School of Population Health
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
261 Morrin Road
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072