School of Pharmacy

About the School of Pharmacy

We take an approach that embraces both traditional and non-traditional pharmacy education.

The School has the goal of improving the health of all New Zealanders by focusing on the optimal use of medicines in our society. This encompasses a range of teaching and research activities from a strong foundation in the biomedical sciences, initial drug development firmly underpinned by chemical and pharmaceutical prinicipals through to the safe and quality use of medicines in individual patients.

These activities include:

  • Initial development and quality assurance of novel pharmaceutical formulations
  • Provision of advice, information and education on all aspects of medicines use to patients and other health professionals
  •  Safe and effective distribution of pharmaceuticals to the public through dispensing and sale of medicine
  • Provision of a range of population health initiatives including screening, monitoring and vaccination services
  • Provision of evidence-based pharmaceutical care to ensure the best health outcomes with the use of medicines.

The goal of our undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Pharmacy, is to produce graduates who display a commitment to patient-centred, evidence-based and collaborative pharmacy practice in order to improve the health of the communities in which they serve.

Our postgraduate programmes concentrate on two main areas: pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy practice. The pharmaceutical sciences qualifications prepare students for roles in research and development, mainly within the pharmaceutical industry, while the clinical pharmacy practice qualifications are for registered pharmacists wishing to move into advanced practice roles, including pharmacist prescribing.


Our School’s research programmes are in three main areas and we are developing an international profile in each:

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Neuropharmacy
  • Medicines related outcomes

For more information about our School, please contact Dr Jeff Harrison, Head of School


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