School of Nursing

Barbara Daly

Pathway to postgraduate studies

Barbara has a particular interest in quantitative research and analyses her own data using SAS and SUDAAN. She is especially interested in cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, health promotion, primary prevention and primary care. Following her Diploma in Nursing, she completed a double major in Science (biochemistry & physiology) and Masters in Health Science (Genetics & reproduction, CVD, Evidenced-based Medicine, statistics) from the School of Community Health at The University of Auckland. For her Master’s degree she examined the association between birth weight and cardiovascular risk factors in 900 New Zealand adolescents – testing the Barker hypothesis that low birth weight is associated with CVD later in life. She published the main findings in the New Zealand Medical Journal in 2005.

Current work

'Management of diabetes by Primary Health Care Nurses'

Barbara's present research project underpins her PhD. This involved randomly sampling 287 primary health care nurses in the Auckland region in a cross-sectional survey – 85% response rate. The aim of the survey was to describe the role of primary health care nurses (practice, district and diabetes nurse specialists) in the management of diabetes, describe the knowledge held by primary health care nurses and ascertain factors that were associated with best practice – based on the NZ guideline for the management of patients with type 2 diabetes. Information was also collected on 265 patients with diabetes consulted by the nurses on a randomly selected day.

CVD and their management are major components of the post-graduate course that Barbara co-ordinates (742) with a particular emphasis on pathophysiology and evidenced-based interventions.