This project was developed with the assistance of multiple organisations. Project partners were the University of Auckland and the Midlands Cancer Network. We worked with various external and internal groups to assist in our understanding, through advising and guiding our research process. External groups included:

  • The Waikato District Health Board Iwi Māori  Council
  • The Waikato District Health Board Kaunihera Kaumatua
  • The Waikato District Health Board and Midland Cancer Network Maori Cancer Advisory Group: Hei Pa Harakeke
  • Academic peer reviewers

The identification and engagement of key stakeholders was seen as essential for the research project. We worked with three key advisory groups. The first was an Academic Steering Group (ASG) that included clinical academics dealing day to day with the issues of men with prostate cancer. The ASG included a general practitioner (GP), urologist, radiation oncologist and expert nurses. The group also included key academics. The ASG provided academic and clinical governance and assured the quality of the Midlands Prostate Cancer research project.  The purpose of this group was to provide expert academic advice and clinical support to the researchers, ensuring that any risks identified were assessed and managed.

The second advisory group was the Community Advisory Group (CAG), which included lay representatives from the Prostate Foundation, the Cancer Society, the Midland Cancer Network (MCN) and local self-help groups. The CAG met on a regular basis to discuss the implications of findings. This group was established to provide a consumer and community perspective to the Midlands Prostate Cancer research project.  The purpose of the CAG was to provide advice on methods of consultation with end users, support with advice to men (referrals) and input into the study to ensure that the end user perspective was heard. The third group was the Māori cancer advisory group, Hei Pa Harakeke. This was a generic cancer group formed by the WDHB and MCN to advise on all aspects of care for Māori patients with cancer – including men with prostate cancer.


Academic Steering Group

Dr Leanne Tyrie (Waikato DHB)

Ms Jan Smith (Midland Cancer Network)

Dr Charles DeGroot (Formerly Midland Cancer Network)

Mr Michael Holmes (Waikato DHB)

Ms Lyn Walker (Waikato DHB)

Dr Nina Scott Ngati Whatua, Waikato (Waikato DHB)

Associate Professor Peter Gilling (Bay of Plenty DHB, UOA)

Dr Helen Conaglen (UOA)

Associate Professor John Conaglen (UOA)

Dr Fraser Hodgson (UOA and GP)

Associate Professor Alistair Stewart (UOA)

Associate Professor Paul Rouse (UOA)

Professor Toni Ashton (UOA)

Mr John Woodford (Pathlab)

Dr Barry Smith Te Rarawa, Ngati Kahu (Lakes DHB)

Professor Lynn Fergusson (UOA)

Dr Jim Watson (Caldera Health)

Dr Geraldine Leydon (University of Southampton, UK)

Mr David Musgrave (Formerly Caldera Health)

Dr George Laking: Te Whakatōhea (Auckland DHB and UOA)

Dr Richard Edlin (UOA)


Consumer Advisory Group

Mr Graham Harbutt (Formerly Waikato Cancer Society)

Mr Dene Ainsworth Te Ātiawa (NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation)

Mr Jack Porima Ngati Hikairoa (Raukura Hauora O Tainui)

Mr Jeffery Morse (Counsellor)

Mr Rawiri Blundell Ngati Porou ki uawa (Midland Cancer Network)

Ms Margie Hamilton (Midland Cancer Network)

Dr Nina Scott Ngati Whatua, Waikato (Waikato DHB)

Mr Tamati Peni Raukawa (Waikato DHB)

Mrs Tiffany Schwass (Waikato DHB)

Mrs Lauren James Ngati Whakaue, Te Arawa, Tuhoe (Lakes DHB)


Team Members

Professor Ross Lawrenson (University of Auckland (UOA)) – Principal Investigator

Dr Charis Brown - Project Manager

Dr Fraser Hodgson – Pilot Project/Advisor

Dr Zuzana Obertova - Cancer Epidemiology PhD Student

Ms Chunhuan Lao - Health Economics PhD Student

Ms Alice Wang - Health and Nutrition PhD Student

Mrs Thilini Alwis - Research Assistant

Mr Tamati Peni – Research Assistant

Mrs Diana Benfell - Data Entry

Dr Helen Conaglen – Researcher

Dr Nina Scott Ngati Whatua, Waikato Equity Advisor