School of Medical Sciences

Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology (MMP)

A greater, more comprehensive understanding of human biology and disease is the primary goal of biomedical research. The search is for finer and finer detail, the pursuit of complete knowledge of life and with it, the cure of human diseases. Throughout biological evolution, a structural feature of living cells that has been highly conserved across generations is DNA. This encodes genetic information essential to the maintenance of living processes. Understanding DNA and the genetic flow of information therefore consititutes an important route to advances in current medical research.

The Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology reflects this modern emphasis on molecular biology research. Moreover, we not only look at the molecular structure of life but we translate these molecules, these genes, to the clinic and the improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

Molecular Medicine and Pathology has an outstanding reputation and a rich heritage to build on. The department offers honours, masters, and PhD students an excellent opportunity for training in biomedical research. Ongoing pioneering research and strong international projects will ensure that the department continues to make a significant contribution to medicine and medical science well into the 21st century.