Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Vision 20:20

Whaia te pae tawhiti kia tata whakamaua te pae tata kia tina. Reach for the distant horizons and hold fast to those that you attain.

Vision 20:20 is the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences' commitment to increasing the number of Māori and Pacific health professionals to 10% of the health workforce by the year 2020.

Vision 20:20 has three components and is coordinated by Te Kupenga Hauora Māori.

Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme

MAPAS is a supportive programme that provides admission, academic and pastoral support for Māori and Pacific students who are studying within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Our goal is to support the transition and retention of MAPAS students while on their cultural and academic journey, helping them to successfully complete and graduate.

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Hikitia te Ora - Certificate in Health Sciences

The Certificate in Health Sciences is a one-year foundation programme that prepares Māori and Pacific students for tertiary study in health. The CertHSc course content has a focus on academic and science literacy including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and population health. All of which are necessary for success in First Year (FY) courses taught in the FMHS.

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Whakapiki Ake Project

The Whakapiki Ake Project (WAP) is a recruitment programme that actively engages with rangatahi Māori enrolled in secondary schools to promote health as a career and entry into the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS) professional programmes. WAP offers exposure to health career options, assistance for students to apply to FMHS and some financial support for successful applicants.