Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Recommended Readings

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Further readings on ethnicity concepts and classification:

Other relevant readings:

HRC 2008, Guidelines for Researchers on Health Research Involving Māori (PDF, 330 KB)

Te Ara Framework  (DOC, 1347 KB)

Equal Explanatory Power paper (DOC, 133 KB)  Information on  "deficit" analyses is referenced on page 3 of the paper on "Equal Explanatory Power".

A Ministry of Health 2004 publication entitled "An Indication of New Zealanders' Health" (PDF, 1.01 MB) that may hold relevant information for those wanting information for "Relevance to Māori Health" section Hauora, Māori Standards of Health IV (PDF, 5 MB)

Unequal impact: Māori and Non-Māori Cancer Statistics 1996-2001 (PDF, 2 MB)