Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Questions, need help?

If you would like more individual advice or support in developing your research proposal or ethics application, please book a time with the Tumuaki, Associate Professor Papaarangi Reid through her Personal Assistant, Cynthia Mascarenhas.  Please read the information available on this website before you do so.

Who can help you further with this?

  • In the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, the Tumuaki, Associate Professor Papaarangi Reid reviews all projects seeking HRC funding and sign off for ethics committees.  Associate Professor Papaarangi Reid also provides advice on relevance to Māori, engagement with Māori stakeholders, processes to inform Māori health development and appropriate dissemination pathways.
  • Discuss your research proposal with other (non-Māori and Māori) colleagues who have been or are currently involved in “best practice” research.
  • Read other guidelines and documents – particularly Te Ara Tika: Guidelines for Māori Research Ethics: A framework for researchers and ethics committee members.
  • Guidelines for Researchers on Health Research involving Māori (HRC 2010) which has good advice on study design and consultation processes.
  • Operational Standards for Ethics Committees Ministry of Health (2006) Sections 1.4, 1.5, 2.0 and Appendix 8 for presentations on key issues including video on biotechnology, genetics and Māori perspectives.

More general references and useful websites: