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Principal Investigator - Senior Lecturer Dr Grant Searchfield 

Grant completed his Doctorate in Audiology at The University of Auckland in 2004, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Aural Rehabilitation and Head of the University‚Äôs Audiology Section.

Dr Searchfield is also member of the Scientific Committee of the Tinnitus Research Initiative and leads a working group focused on the use of perceptual training as a tinnitus treatment.

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Team members










Giriraj Singh - Professional teaching fellow, health systems

Researching transcraneal direct current stimulation

Philip Sanders - BRNZ Fellow

Understanding multisensory processing with ageing 

Tanya Poppi - PHd candidate (Vision Science) 

Working as a Research Assistant in imaging tinnitus

Rehab Alhater - PHd Candidate

Researching brain computer interfaces for tinnitus and hearing aids

Mithila Durai - PHd Candidate

Working on the Tinnitus Adaptation Model

Kei Kobayashi - Engineer

Working on signal processing and hearing aids to capture music and speech


  • Understanding the neuroscience of tinnitus
  • Identifying novel assessment and treatment for tinnitus
  • Translating new tinnitus discoveries into clinical practices


Areas of interest

  • Multisensory processing
  • Auditory attention
  • Hearing aids
  • Internet service delivery




For a full list of publications, visit the Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic website.