Using our unique drug testing pipelines we have:

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  • Identified novel drugs from a Natural Product Library that inhibit the growth of glioma cells, grown from donors
    with severe brain tumours
  • Identified a class of FDA-approved drugs that reduce inflammation in cells that make up the capillaries in our
    brains (pericytes and endothelial cells).
  • Identified an FDA-approved drug that regulates microglial function (see Rustenhoven et al 2018).
  • Identified an FDA-approved drug that is a selective toxin for human brain microglia. This compound may help resolve microglial-mediated brain inflammation.
  • Identified FDA-approved drugs that protect human brain pericytes from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage
    occurs in many brain injuries and in neurodegenerative disorders. These drugs may prove useful in these
  • Successfully tested gene therapies for drug delivery to the brain with Gene Therapy Expert Associate Professor Deborah Young.