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Want to access the Youth2000 data or questions?

Accessing the Data

The Adolescent Health Research Group (AHRG) welcomes interest in the Youth2000 data set. This set includes data from the three national health and wellbeing surveys of secondary school students completed in 2001, 2007 and 2012. The AHRG will be pleased to consider genuine enquiries from suitably qualified researchers and Masters/PhD students interested in using the data.

The Youth2000 data are only accessible through the mechanisms set out in the AHRG Data Access Policy. The AHRG will review the application to ensure it is an appropriate use of data.

If you wish to access the Youth2000 data set then you will need to complete the following checklist.

  1. Read the “Data Access Policy: National Youth Health Surveys".
  2. Contact Dr Simon Denny to discuss your request. They may refer you to another member of the AHRG to help develop your research proposal.
    • Following the discussion, then complete a “Data Access Request” form.
    • Please note that all Data Access Requests must consider our ethnicity guidelines when analysing any ethnic specific data. To view these guidelines please see Appendix 6 of the AHRG Data Access Policy.
    • To assist in writing your Data Access Request, please view the “Data Dictionary” which provides an overview of the Youth'12 data set, names of variables and how the final data set was put together.
  3. To view a sample of what is required in the data request form, please see the “Sample DAP” 
  4. Submit your Data Access Request form to Associate Professor Simon Denny (s.denny@auckland.ac.nz)
  5. Your request will then be reviewed by the AHRG and the Principal Investigator will contact you to discuss the outcome of the review. Please see Appendix 1 of the AHRG "Data Access Policy: National Youth Health Surveys" for more detail.
Data Access Request
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Sample Data Access Request
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