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As an internationally recognised comprehensive health sciences faculty, pioneering medical research is a large part of our vision and mission. Our people are often featured in the media, being recognised for their significant discoveries and advances in modern medicine and medical sciences research. Browse coverage and highlights of our proud moments and achievements.


Associate Professor Susan Morton

Susan shares her story with Stuff and explains how she is using her passions to make a difference in New Zealand.


Professor Cameron Grant and Associate Professor Susan Morton

The researchers begind 'Growing up in New Zealand' share key findings of their study so far in the New Zealand Herald.

Ngaire Kerse, head of School of Population Health

Professor Ngaire Kerse

Ngaire talks about the small ways that we can incorporate exercise into our daily life. Read more.

Siouxsie Wiles 2016

Dr Siouxsie Wiles

In this interview, Siouxsie explains her doubts about claims that we may soon cure the common cold.


Professor Peter Adams

Peter Adams looks to Scotland as an example of implementing effective measures to reduce alcohol-related harm in this opinion piece.


Associate Professor Kim Dirks

NZ's car fleet is one of the oldest in the developed world, writes Kim Dirks. So what does that mean for pollution levels? Read her Newsroom article.

Ngaire Kearse

Professor Ngaire Kerse

Ngaire Kerse speaks positively about contentment among the increasing number of centenarians in New Zealand. Read more.


Associate Professor Nikki Turner

Nikki Turner says academics are discussing potentially ending cervical cancer, as she encourages those against vaccines to look at the science.

Anneka Anderson

Dr Anneka Anderson

Dr Anderson has led a study uncovering racism and 'rough handling' of patients in New Zealand hospitals. Read more.

Peter Adams

Professor Peter Adams

Peter Adams says that scare tatcics are ineffective when it comes to preventing drug use. Read more here.


Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Siouxsie comments on a new study which shows that menstrual cups have a higher risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome than tampons. Read more.


Associate Professor Jennifer Utter

Jennifer speaks to the New Zealand Herald about the long-term nutritional importance of learning to cook while you're young.

Louise Nicholson banner

Emeritus Professor Louise Nicholson

Former University of Auckland brain researcher Louise Nicholson speaks about her brain tumour diagnosis in the New Zealand Listener.

Dr Thomas

Dr Mark Thomas

Dr Thomas speaks with Radio NZ about the new gonorrhoea superbug that could be ehading towards New Zealand.


Stefanie Vandevijvere, Charlotte Aitken and Professor Boyd Swinburn 

A new study has found that Kiwi adolescents are frequently exposed to online advertising for junk food. Read about it here.

Dr Matire Harwood

Dr Matire Harwood

Dr Matire Harwood discusses her research that has found testing Māori and Pacific people for an irregular heartbeat earlier could spare hundreds of people from stroke each year. Watch now.


Assoc Prof Rinki Murphy

Research led by Rinki Murphy has found that a higher rate of adolescent girls are obese in wealthier countries. Read more here.


Associate Professor Mhoyra Fraser

Mhoyra Fraser has received a Cure Kids grant to investigate what happens in the fetal or newborn brain when it experiences oxygen deprivation. 

Siouxsie Wiles 2016

Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Dr Wiles talks about sexism and STEM subjects in this recent article.

Billie Bradford

Billie Bradford

PhD candidate Billie Bradford recently won an Australasian award for her research into stillbirths. Read more.


Dr Barry Snow

Dr Barry Snow said research showed that when people understood their future they become less afraid, less depressed, less anxious and they live longer. Read more.

Image of woman looking at cellphone

Dr Siouxsie Wiles

How bad is the bacteria on our cellphone screens? Dr Wiles talks about it in this article.


Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Dr Wiles has been speaking about a new family of anitbiotics on Newstalk ZB, Radio NZ and 1 News.


Nikki Turner

Nikki Turner stressed the importance of getting the flu vaccination early - read more here.


Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Boyd Swinburn and 5th year medical student Apurva Kasture on a new study ranking the nutrition commitments of 25 of New Zealand’s largest food companies. Read more.

Gerhard Sundborn

Dr Gerhard Sundborn

Dr Sundborn has collabroated with musician Che Fu to healp South Auckland schools become sugar-free. Read more.


Dr Katie Groom

Dr Groom has been leading a clinical trial which has found some evidence that mothers taking Viagra during pregnancy could help babies suffering from stunted growth in the womb.


Dr Kirsty Wild

Dr Kirsty Wild discusses the ‘bikelash’ against cycleways and says much of it is caused due to the extra stress that new bike lanes put on drivers. Read more.


Nikki Turner

Associate Professor Nikki Turner spoke with Radio NZ about the potential for sports tournaments to allow for the spread of mumps.

father and baby

Dr Elza Cloete

Māori and Pacific babies with a rare but potentially fatal heart defect are less likely to survive than their Pākehā counterparts according to a new study.


Professors John Fraser and Warwick Bagg

A new article explores what our faculty is doing to help Māori and Pacific students studying in our programmes. Read the full story here.


Dr Elizabeth Broadbent

Dr Broadbent featured on Seven Sharp, talking about robots alongside Dr Craig Sutherland from Faculty of Science.

Quit smoking trial

Justinn Cochran

PhD candidate Justinn Cochran was interviewed on Māori Television about legislative changes in tobacco packaging.

Boyd Swinburn

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Should we have a sugar tax in New Zealand? Boyd Swinburn debates the issue with the Faculty of Arts' Professor Martin Wilkinson. Read more here.

Adam Patterson and Jeff Smaill
Adam Patterson and Jeff Smaill

Professor Adam Patterson

Professor Patterson talks with Mike Hosking about the European funding he's received for the anti-cancer drug he co-invented. Listen here

sugar image

Dr Simon Thornley

Dr Thornley suggests we tackle our sugar dependency in the same way we deal with nicotine addiction in The Timaru Herald.


Dr Tony Fernando

Dr Fernando discusses 'late sleepers' as a biologically and genetically determined condition on 1 News.

helen petousis-harris

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris

Dr Petousis-Harris is pleased about a recent study which may help allay some parents’ fears that multiple vaccinations weaken a child’s immune system.


Professor Cindy Farquhar

Professor Farquhar says that hysterectomies used to be common, but women now have less-invasive options available. Read more here.

Image of Merryn Gott standing outside

Professor Merryn Gott

The critical role that family play in meeting rapidly rising palliative care needs is not being recognised in most mainstream palliative care policy. Read more.

Image of Innes

Professor Innes Asher

Professor Innes Asher received the NZMA’S Chair’s Award for 2017, honouring her paediatric research on the impact of child poverty. 

Image of hands typing on a computer

Retina Rimal

Our PhD candidate Retina Rimal is currently working on research that links gambling to psychological disorders. Read more here.

Ngaire Kerse, head of School of Population Health

Dr Ngaire Kerse

Dr Ngaire Kerse says she's not surprised more people have been reporting tummy bugs than usual this summer in this Newshub story.

Image of professor Swinburn speaking

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Swinburn explores the notion of a sugary drinks tax in his recent opinion piece for the Herald.

Image of professor Peter Adams

Professor Peter Adams

Professor Adams from our School of Population Health wrote a recent opinion piece about mental health and addictions.


Jamie Penno

Undergraduate medical student Jamie Penno is the first Kiwi woman to with the Global Student Entrepeneur Award. Read the full story here.

Dr Peter Saxton speaking on Breakfast

Dr Peter Saxton

Dr Peter Saxton spoke on Breakfast about PHARMAC’s decision to become one of the first countries in the world to publicly fund the HIV-prevention drug PrEP.


Dr Nikki Turner

Dr Nikki Turner told RNZ that the mumps epidemic will worsen when the school year resumes. Listen to her interview here.


Ricci Harric, Ronna Cormack, Rhys Jones, Elana Curtis

New research has found evidence of ethnic bias among medical students in New Zealand. Read more here.


Dr Brigid Ryan and Sir Richard Faull

Click here to read about a new blood test that could spot Alzheimer's years before symptoms appear.


Dr Tony Fernando

"Compassion requires very little effort from doctors and nurses but it will be remembered by our patients until the end" says Dr Fernando in his opinion piece.

Boyd Swinburn

Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Swinburn speaks about Krispy Kreme targetting lower socio-economic areas of Auckland on Newshub.


Dr Hilary Lapsley

Dr Lapsley investigates the mental health of older people. Read about it here.

Ian Reid

Dr Ian Reid

Dr Ian Reid spoke to Duncan Garner on the AM Show about how we can keep our vitamin D levels up. Listen to the full interview here.

Pregnant woman

Dr Barbara Daly

New research has found women who develop diabetes during pregnancy are significantly more likely to develop heart disease. Read about it here.


Professor Merryn Gott

New research shows elderly are living in isolation. Listen on Radio Live here.

helen petousis-harris

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris speaks about the misinformation surrounding vaccinations for a New Zealand Herald podacst. Listen to her interview here.


Alzheimer's study on NZ Herald

Unravelling a crucial link between insulin and the most common form of dementia. Read more here


Dr David Welsh

Dr David Walsh on the NZ Herald 'Loud music just as addictive as smoking.' Read more.


Dr Hilary Lapsley

Senior Research Fellow Dr Hilary Lapsley talks on about New Zealand's seriously overstretched mental health care sector here.

helen petousis-harris

Helen Petousis-Harris

Talks about a severe mumps outbreak in Auckland expected to affect more than 1000 people so far this year. Read more here


Dr Anneka Anderson 

Dr Anneka Anderson talks about the study done with Kyle Eggleton, called Whanau perceptions on NZ Herald. Read here.

helen petousis-harris

Helen Petousis-Harris

Read Helen's comments in a story about the HPV vaccine here.


Dr Theresa Fleming 

Theresa Fleming, head of the Auckland University-led Youth 2000 project talks about today's teenagers. Read more here.


Associate Professor Nikki Turner

A/P Nikki Turner discusses the Gardasil vaccine on RNZ. Read more here.


Associate Professor Papaarangi Reid 

Read more on newsroom about Papaarangi Reid discussing how health researchers must do better for Māori. Read here.


Dr Elizabeth Broadbent

Dr Broadbent talks to the magazine, 'Knowable Magazine'. Read the story here.


helen petousis-harris

Helen Petousis-Harris

Listen to Helen talk about the mumps outbreak in Auckland with its worst outbreak of the virus since 1994. Listen here.


Dr Matire Harwood

Dr Harwood has been awarded a fellowship in the L'Oréal UNESCO For Women in Science programme. Read story here.


Professor Boyd Swinburn

Milk may trigger diabetes. Professor Boyd Swimburn talks to Stuff. Read article here.


Professor Alistair Gunn

Professor Gunn and team  awarded NZ Association of Scientists' Shorland Medal. Read the story here.


Professor Peter Adams 

Watch Peter Adams talk on Breakfast about pokie machine addictions. Watch here.


Carina Walters

Listen to Carina on 531pi talk about her research into pain medication addiction. Watch here.


Dr Matire Harwood 

Māori Health Scientist awarded for work on indigenous health. Watch here on Māori Television.


Professor Robert Kydd

Listen to Professor Robert Kydd talk about the police changing their policy on anti-depressant use. Listen to more here.


Pregnant woman

Professor Peter Stone

Professor Stone discusses his study involving maternal sleep positions. Read the story in Glasglow Evening Times, Huffington Post or Stuff.

Dr Yvonne Anderson

Dr Yvonne Anderson

Dr Yvonne Anderson talks of successes and progress of children on the healthy lifestyle programme, Whānau Pakari. Read more here.


Dr Rhys Jones 

Read Dr Rhys Jones' thought provoking story: Cars are to us what guns are to Americans. Read more here.


Professor Warwick Bagg

Listen to Professor Warwick Bagg's interview about the rural doctor shortage which aired on Newstalk ZB. Hear it here.


Dr Zak Prime 

Dr Zac Prime talks of the danger of eyeball tattoos and the risk of losing your sight. Read here.


Next Women of the Year Health and Science Award

Congratulations to Dr Melanie Cheung for winning the 2017 Next Women of the Year Health and Science Award. Read more.

BRNZ_Louise Nicholson

Louise Nicholson celebrated

Louise Nicholson's stellar career is celebrated in 'Headlines' - the newsetter of Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. 


Elizabeth Broadbent 

Read about Elizabeth Broadbent's research on robots for healthcare here.

Helen Murray 2

Ice Skating Brian Scientist

Read more about Helen Murray from CBR on the NZ Herald here

FMHS road sign

Dr Moana Tercel

Dr Moana Tencel and her research feature on NZ Herald.

Read more here.


Politics of Health Forum 2017

See footage of the Politics of Health Forum hosted by FMHS.

cameron grant resize

Professor Cameron Grant

Professor Cameron Grant talks to NZ Herald about why the number children hospitalised with malnutrition doubles. Read more here.

Sally Merry 5

Professor Sally Merry

Professor Sally Merry talks about the app which aims to be a "Fitbit for mental health" for young children. Read the article here.

Richard Faull banner

Sir Richard Faull

Listen to Sir Richard Faull talking on the Kim Hill show on Radio NZ. Hear more here.

Peter Saxton 2

Dr Peter Saxton

Dr Peter Saxton talks about Kiwis failing when it comes to condom usage. Read the article here.


Professor Ngaire Kerse 

Professor Ngaire Kerse features on the TV show Banter. Watch the footage here.


Associate Professor Timothy Kenealy

A/P Timothy Kenealy is part of a research team hoping to identify ways to making health services more accessible to Pacific families. Read the article here.


Dr Alec Ekeroma

Dr Alec Ekeroma, senior lecturer has been announced as editor in chief in Pacific Health Dialog. Click here.


Dr Elizabeth Broadbent

Listen to Dr Elizabeth Broadbent's interview about Robots in Healthcare on RNZ. Click here.

Siouxsie Wiles 2016

Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Listen to Dr Siouxsie Wiles interview about Govet fighting antibiotic resistance on Newstalk ZB here.


Ofa Dewes 

Read about our research fellow Dr Ofa Dewes and the story of a partcipant in her study on the Stuff website. Click here.


Erna Takazawa 

Listen to Erna's interview on RNZ. Click here.

gilling jacobs 2

Queens Birthday Honours List 2017

We were proud to have members of our staff recognised for their services to New Zealand in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Read more here.


Professor John Fraser

Read his article in response to an anti-vaccination movie features on Newsroom. June 2017.


Researchers offer process for stroke recovery

Associate Professor Cathy Stinear and her team have come up with a simple process to help the recovery of stroke patients. Read more here.


Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Dr Siouxsie Wiles speaks about antimicrobial resistance - a major health issue. Read more here


papaarangi 2

Papaarangi Reid features in NZ Herald

Waikato Uni plan to train Maori for GP work is discriminatory by Papaarangi Reid.

Read more.



Dr Andrew Wood from our Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, featured in the AMRF Autumn issue. Read more here.



Valuable findings in Parksinson's research

Get the scoop on our Auckland brain researchers valuable findings on how Parkinson's spreads here


Global first for rheumatic fever research

The first robust evidence that supports community initiatives to prevent acute rheumatic fever comes from our researchers. Read the article here.


Professor Ed Gane

Our very own Professor Ed Gane was named Sanitarium New Zealand Innovator of the Year. Read more here.


Melanie Cheung

Melanie Cheung meets Pope Francis at the Vatican and shows him how to hongi. See on 7 Sharp here.


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