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  • Research focus important for optometry
    16 April 2014
    It’s vital for optometry students to engage in research and keep up to date with new developments in clinical practice, says Professor Steven Dakin, the new head of Optometry at the University of Auckland.
  • Funding for whooping cough research
    15 April 2014
    The effectiveness of maternal booster immunisation on the incidence of whooping cough in infants will be investigated by researchers at the University of Auckland.
  • Climate change will impact human health
    07 April 2014
    Climate change impacts on human health were the focus of an Auckland academic’s contribution to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
  • Food-for-health Challenge scientists aim to boost NZ exports
    07 April 2014
    Top scientists heading a major new research initiative to develop new food products with validated health benefits say they are delighted to be chosen to lead one of the Government’s ten National Science Challenges. 
  • Range of cures likely for tinnitus
    07 April 2014
    Tinnitus researchers agree that there may never be a single cure for tinnitus, but instead a range of treatments for different types of tinnitus will be needed. 
  • Doctoral Consultation Clinic
    17 April 2014
    The Associate Dean (Postgraduate) Professor meets with students and supervisors to discuss any issues relating to doctoral study including queries regarding thesis with publication.