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Postgraduate Study at the School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy offers a range of programmes to advance your skills and progress your pharmacy career.

Our postgraduate programmes concentrate on two main areas: pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy practice.

The pharmaceutical sciences qualifications prepare students for roles in research and development, mainly within the pharmaceutical industry, while the clinical pharmacy practice qualifications are for registered pharmacists wishing to move into advanced practice roles, including pharmacist prescribing.

See below for examples of some of the great research projects currently being undertaken in our school.

Masters projects

Masters of Clinical Pharmacy

Title: Medication use in vulnerable older adults: appropriateness and impact.

Sarah Wilkinson is investigating the prevalence and impact of inappropriate prescribing in a vulnerable older adult population in New Zealand. It involves a prospective cohort observational study of ~50 000 patients who have been assessed for supports, either in their own home or in residential aged care, and assessing their medication lists for potentially inappropriate prescriptions and following these patients up over 18 months to describe how adverse health outcomes are associated with these recorded inappropriate prescriptions.  

Masters in Health Sciences

Title: Pharmacokinetics of Lidocaine and Preformulation Steps toward the Design of a Controlled Delivery System for Advancing Recovery after Hernia Repair

Noor Tawfeek has determined how much local anaesthetic should be delivered to the site of surgery to reduce pain and improve patient recovery after a hernia repair operation. This was done by developing a computer simulation. The information gathered was subsequently used in the development of a drug loaded coat for hernia repair mesh. The aim of this work was to use the mesh to deliver local anaesthetic directly at the site of surgery after being implanted in the body.

PhD projects

Title: Medicine optimisation in older adults in primary care - A multidisciplinary approach

Jo Hikaka is investigating the effect that Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) medicines optimisation has on medicine appropriateness and emergency department presentations. It involves a randomised control trial in a retirement village setting, and a feasibility study looking at design and implementation of a MDT medicines optimisation intervention in Māori elders living in the community.

Title: Enhancing micro-electrode recording and stimulation performance at the neural interface via conducting polymer coatings

Zaid Aqrawe seeks to develop new treatment strategies for disorders and diseases that rely on signalling in the brain. He has prepared microelectrodes which can record electrical signals from living cells and pass these onto other cells thereby creating an artificial bridge. This technology could provide new treatment approaches for Parkinson’s disease, hearing impairments and other disorders involving neural pathways.


Postgraduate programmes offered by the School of Pharmacy

All postgraduate programmes are designated as '700 level' courses, which have several distinctive features. They are centred in a culture of research and theory, designed to extend prior knowledge and skill in both breadth and depth and to promote deep learning. More importantly, they place upon the student the major responsibility for:

  • critically evaluating evidence, findings and discussions in the literature
  • applying knowledge and skill to new situations.

Students are expected to engage in active tutorial and workshop sessions, to lead on selected topics and to bring forward their queries and relevant practice experience.

Postgraduate courses offered by the School of Pharmacy

Admissions and enrolment information

In order to undertake postgraduate study, you must complete all the admission requirements, which includes providing all the necessary documents.

For more information go to a step by step guide to applications, admission and enrolment.