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Conjoint degrees offered by the School of Nursing

A conjoint programme can usually be completed within four or five years, depending on the combination you choose. You have the freedom to begin a conjoint programme in the first year or second year of your studies. The School of Nursing offers students to combine a Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) with either a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc).

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Courses offered by the School of Nursing

Subject Catalog Long title Points Semester Location
NURSING 104 Applied Science for Nurses 15 1 Grafton
NURSING 105 Nursing in Practice 30 2 Grafton
NURSING 199 English Language Competency 0 2 Online
NURSING 201 Nursing Clients with a Pathophysiological Problem 60 1 Grafton
NURSING 202 Nursing in Mental Health, Addictions and Disability 60 2 Grafton
NURSING 301 Child and Family Health Nursing 60 1 Grafton
NURSING 302 Professional Nursing Practice 60 2 Grafton