Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Bone and Joint Research Group

The Bone and Joint Research Group at the University of Auckland is investigating the causes of diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, gout and Paget’s disease, as well as developing and evaluating treatments for them.

Some of our lead researchers

The Bone and Joint Research Group is a team of doctors, scientists, technicians and students who work together to increase understanding of conditions affecting the skeleton, and to develop treatments for these problems. Since the 1970s, the Group have worked on Paget’s disease, but subsequently osteoporosis and gout have become important areas of research, together with some rarer inherited bone diseases that mainly affect younger patients.


Professor Jillian Cornish

We have an extensive laboratory which studies the cells and tissues of the skeleton in order to understand the mechanisms of bone and joint diseases. The laboratory is currently working closely with engineers who are developing artificial forms of bone, cartilage and tendon, to determine the suitability of these tissue substitutes for use in surgery.


We also have a busy Clinical Research Centre conducting clinical trials and other studies to increase understanding of diseases or to optimise their treatment