School of Medical Sciences

Undergraduate enrolment FAQs


Why can’t I access Student Services Online?

  1. Check that your username and password are correct and activated.
  2. If you are still encoutering problems you can contact the University of Auckland.

Why can’t I enrol online in to a physiology course?

  1. You may not meet the prerequisites.  If you do not meet the prerequisites for a course, you may apply for a concession through Student Services Online (SSO).
  2. The class may be full. For class limits, please refer to the class limits table below.
  3. You may be trying to enrol in too many points. You are allowed a maximum of 120 points only per semester.

Why was I put on the concession list?

  • You may not meet the minimum cumulative (overall) GPA required; please refer to the prerequisites table.

How are concessions processed and when are they acted upon?

  1. Students on concession lists are ranked according to their cumulative GPAs. Once enrolled students withdraw from the course and create available spaces, students will be moved into the course according to their ranking.
  2. In January, 80% of the class will be filled up. In February, 90% of the class will be filled up. The remaining 10% will be filled up during the first two weeks of classes. Please note that due to Physiology courses being limited entry courses, even students with high GPAs cannot be enrolled when the class is already full.

What do I do when I cannot enrol online due to a timetable clash?

Please apply for a concession on Student Services Online.


What are the requirements for enrolment into Physiology courses?


Course Minimum cumulative GPA Prerequisites
First MEDSCI 205    3.0 MEDSCI 142, BIOSCI 107
  MEDSCI 316  4.5 MEDSCI 206
  MEDSCI 311  4.5 MEDSCI 205 (at least B+)
Second MEDSCI 206  3.0 MEDSCI 142, BIOSCI 107
  MEDSCI 309  5.0 MEDSCI 205, MEDSCI 206
  MEDSCI 317  4.5 MEDSCI 206
  MEDSCI 312  5.0 MEDSCI 205 (15 points) and MEDSCI 201 or BIOSCI 203 (15 points)

What are the class limits of Physiology courses and why?

Semester Course Maximum capacity Reason
First MEDSCI 205 350 Limited laboratory resources
  MEDSCI 316 128 Limited laboratory resources
  MEDSCI 311 64 Limited laboratory resources
Second MEDSCI 206 250 Limited laboratory resources
  MEDSCI 309 80 (with some spaces reserved for BE students) Limited laboratory resources
  MEDSCI 317 100 Limited laboratory resources
  MEDSCI 312 64 Limited laboratory resources

I am in my last semester of study and I need a physiology course to be able to graduate. What do I do?


I am an international student. How do I enrol in physiology courses?


I am a transferee from another New Zealand university. How do I enrol in physiology courses?

  • First you must apply for accreditation of your courses. Please email us on the address below for general queries. Usually, you must submit a copy of your academic transcript to the Admissions/Enrolment Office and they will forward this to the Faculty of Science. Procedures change from time to time so please email your query first.

What are the textbooks for physiology courses?

  • The full, updated textbook requirements for undergraduate courses are available in booklet form from ubiq, City Campus.
Course Textbook title
MEDSCI 205 Medical Physiology, 2nd edition, Boron and Boulpaep 
MEDSCI 206 Neuroscience, 5th edition, Purves et al, Sinauer Associates, Inc
MEDSCI 316 Neuroscience, 5th edition, Purves et al, Sinauer Associates, Inc
MEDSCI 309 Physiology, 4th ed, Berne & Levy, Mosby Publishing
MEDSCI 317 Neuroscience, 5th edition, Purves et al, Sinauer Associates, Inc
MEDSCI 311 Physiology, 5th Ed, Berne, RM and Levy, MN, Mosby
MEDSCI 312 Integrated Endocrinology, Laycock and Meeran

Who do I contact for more enrolment queries?

  • For all enquiries about enrolment into Physiology courses, please email the department. Please do not email individual tutors or coordinators as only the email address given below will be accessed, processed and used for replying to your queries.