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Dr Jonathon Webber is the director of the Simulation Centre for Patient Safety, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Anaesthesiology. He was formerly a Resuscitation Officer at Auckland City Hospital and outside of his code-team experience in this role, his clinical background is in the field of pre-hospital emergency care, including first response, ambulance, and event medical care.

Jonathon's research interests include human factors and crisis management, simulation in healthcare, resuscitation, airway management, drowning prevention, and aquatic emergency care. He is a founding member of the International Drowning Researchers' Alliance (IDRA) and co-opted member of the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Executive.

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Recent publications

Harvey, D., Webber, J., & O’Brien, D. (2022). Variability of CPR training requirements among New Zealand health professionals. New Zealand Medical Journal, 135 (1551), 25-39.

Brenton-Rule, A., Harvey, D., Moran, K., O’Brien, D., & Webber, J. (2021). Knowledge and perceptions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation amongst New Zealand podiatrists: a web-based survey. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 14 (40), 1-9. DOI> 10.1186/s13047-021-00481-9

Bierens, J., Abelairas-Gomez, C., Barcala Furelos, R., Beerman, S., Claesson, A., Dunne, C., Elsenga, H.E., Morgan, P., Mecrow, T., Pereira, J.C., Scapigliati, A., Seesink, J., Schmidt, A., Sempsrott, J., Szpilman, D., Warner, D.S., Webber, J., Johnson, S., Olasveengen, T., Morley, P.T., & Perkins, G.D. (2021). Resuscitation and emergency care in drowning: A scoping review. Resuscitation, 162, 205-217. DOI> 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2021.01.033

Webber, J., Moran, K., French, C., Fozard, F., & Pearless, O. (2020). Fatal coastal drowning incidents: A 10-year review of body recovery times in New Zealand. Forensic Science International. 317 (12), 1-7. DOI> 10.1016/j.forsciint.2020.110573

Queiroga, A.C., Szpilman, D., & Webber, J. (2020). Non‐fatal drowning in people with Parkinson's Disease. Movement Disorders Clinical Practice, 7 (8), 999-1000. DOI> 10.1002/mdc3.13081


Life Membership Award, Surf Life Saving Northern Region (2018)

Life Membership Award, Piha Surf Life Saving Club (2015)

Distinguished Service Award, Surf Life Saving Northern Region (2012)

Distinguished Service Award, Surf Life Saving New Zealand (2011)

Service Award, Surf Life Saving New Zealand (2008)

Service Award, Surf Life Saving Northern Region (2006)

BP Surf Rescue of the Year Award (2001)

Areas of expertise

Drowning Detection, Resuscitation in Drowning, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Human Factors, Simulation in Healthcare, Airway Management, Lifeguarding, Bystander Rescue.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Member, New Zealand Resuscitation Council Executive Committee (2017 – Present)

Advisory Board Member, Drowning Prevention Auckland (2017 – Present)

Foundation Member, International Drowning Researchers' Alliance (2014 – Present)

Member, New Zealand Association of Simulation in Healthcare (2011 – Present)

Member, CORE Instructors of New Zealand (2006 – Present)

Senior Advisor (Lifesaving), Pakistan Aquatic Life Saving (2006 – Present)

Advanced Qualified Lifeguard (ret.), Piha Surf Life Saving Club (1989 – Present)

Secretary, International Life Saving Federation Medical Committee (2019 – 2021)

Operations Committee Chair, Surf Life Saving Northern Region (2017 – 2020)

Member, International Life Saving Federation Medical Committee (2013 – 2019)

Surf Life Saving New Zealand's Representative to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council (2011 – 2017)

Board Member, WaterSafe Auckland Incorporated (2007 – 2016)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Koon, W., Schmidt, A., Queiroga, A. C., Sempsrott, J., Szpilman, D., Webber, J., & Brander, R. (2020). Need for consistent beach lifeguard data collection: results from an international survey. Injury prevention : journal of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention10.1136/injuryprev-2020-043793
  • Payinda, G., Webber, J., & International Life Saving Federation Medical Committee (2020). Reply to Chest-compression-only after drowning: A call for more research. Resuscitation, 14810.1016/j.resuscitation.2019.12.034
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/51545
  • Harvey, D., O'Brien D, Moran, K., & Webber, J. (2019). Knowledge and perceptions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation amongst New Zealand physiotherapists. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, 47 (2), 94-104. 10.15619/NZJP/47.2.04
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Kevin Moran
  • Webber, J., Moran, K., & Cumin, D. (2019). Paediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Knowledge and perceptions of surf lifeguards. Journal of paediatrics and child health, 55 (2), 156-161. 10.1111/jpc.14097
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: David Cumin, Kevin Moran
  • Szpilman, D., de Barros Oliveira, R., Mocellin, O., & Webber, J. (2018). Is drowning a mere matter of resuscitation?. Resuscitation, 129, 103-106. 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2018.06.018
  • Szpilman, D., Sempsrott, J., Webber, J., Hawkins, S. C., Barcala-Furelos, R., Schmidt, A., & Queiroga, A. C. (2018). 'Dry drowning' and other myths. Cleveland Clinic journal of medicine, 85 (7), 529-535. 10.3949/ccjm.85a.17070
  • McKenzie, L., Webber, J., Aickin, R., Considine, J., Lawson, A., Mildenhall, L., ... Scott, T. (2018). Twenty-one years of saving lives: The New Zealand Resuscitation Council. New Zealand Medical Journal, 131 (1477), 9-11. Related URL.
  • Queiroga, A. C., Webber, J., Schmidt, A. C., Sempsrott, J. R., Barcala-Furelos, R., Tipton, M., & Szpilman, D. (2018). Comment on Cerland, L. et al. Incidence and Consequences of Near-Drowning-Related Pneumonia-A Descriptive Series from Martinique, French West Indies. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14, 1402. International journal of environmental research and public health, 15 (4).10.3390/ijerph15040706


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