• Phase 1: Development of modules and foundation papers: The foundation modules have been developed (Figure 3) and the foundation papers have been published by the module leaders. These are published in a special supplement of Obesity Reviews in September 2013.
  • Phase 2: Protocol development and pilot testing: This is underway. The frameworks and indicators described in the foundation papers are being converted into protocols for the collection of ‘minimal’, ‘expanded’, and ‘optimal’ data at a national level, depending on the resources available. The monitoring system is being trialled in several countries – large and small, high and low income.
  • Phase 3: Roll out to a global level: By 2015/16 it is expected that all INFORMAS modules will be ready for use by countries so that they can start collecting their own data. Some modules are already at this stage but most will need phase 2 before they are ready. The roll out will be funding dependent.