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INFORMAS in Mexico is led by Dr. Simón Barquera.

INFORMAS work is ongoing in Mexico in 5 of the 9 modules. Blurb...


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photo of Simon Barquera

Dr. Simón Barquera

Director del Area de Investigación en Políticas y Programas de Nutrición,
Presidente del Colegio de Profesores de Nutrición, Centro de Investigación
en Nutrición y Salud, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública.

Phone: +777 329-3017  Fax +777 311-2219

Email: Dr. Simón Barquera

Twitter: @SBarquera 

Lizbeth Tolentino

Lizbeth Tolentino, MSc

Health and Nutrition Research Center

National Institute of Public Health

Food composition, food labelling, food promotion

Email: Lizbeth Tolentino

Carolina Batis

Carolina Batis, PhD

CONACYT- Health and Nutrition Research Center

National Institute of Public Health

Food prices

Email: Carolina Batis 

Karina Sanchez

Karina Sanchez, MPA

Health and Nutrition Research Center

National Institute of Public Health

Public Sector (Food-EPI)

Email: Karina Sanchez

Twitter: @karinasanchez

Module Status (as of 03/28/17) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)

-Data collection was completed in December 2017 

-Data Analysis us undergoing 

-Reports and papers are under writing process 

6, 7 
Private Sector    
Food Composition

-Data collection and analyses completed for 2015 and 2016 

-Data collection for 2017 has begun 

Food Labelling -Data collection and claims analysis for 2015-2016 currently underway  1, 2 
Food Promotion

-Information for packaged foods collected in 2015 and 2016 

-Analysis currently underway 

3, 4, 5 
Food Prices    
Food Retail    
Food Provision    
Food Trade & Investment    


Outputs (publications, reports, conference presentations)

  1. Marketing and Health-related Labelling on the Front-of-pack of Milk and Dairy Products in Mexico. ICO 2016
  2. Type of front of package food labelling components in Latin America countries using the internationally standardized INFORMAS taxonomy. Obesity week 2016
  3. Nutritional quality of foods and non-alcoholic beverages advertised on Mexican television according to three nutrient profile models. BMC public health, 2016
  4. Marketing techniques used within food advertisements on Mexican broadcast TV. ICO 2016
  5. Evaluation and Comparison of the nutritional content of food and beverage advertisements on Mexican television from 2013 to 2015. Obesity week 2016.
  6. Level of implementation of best practice policies for creating healthy food environments: assessment by state and non-state actors in Mexico. Sánchez, K., Nieto, C., Rodríguez, E., Tolentino, L., Barquera, S., Poster abstract submitted to ICN International Congress of Nutrition 2017.
  7. Food-EPI Country report, expected to be launched in June 2017.