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INFORMAS in China is run by the George Institute for Global Health China.

INFORMAS will be implemented in China with the food composition module as the first step and gradually implement the other modules in the future. The China team has developed and built relationships with key health authorities and stakeholders in China committing to improve the food environment.

The food composition database in China currently holds about 10,000 pre-packaged food collected in 2013 and more than 25,000 pre-packaged food collected in 2015. A new round of data collection is currently under plan for 2017. The China team will analyse the data, report to stakeholders and write up publications.



Acknowledgements / Funders

  • The George Institute for Global Health

  • Qualcomm

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MS Liping (Polly) Huang

PhD candidate
School of Public Health, Sydney Medical School

The University of Sydney

Email: Ms Liping (Polly) Huang

Module Status (as of 01/17) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)    
Private Sector    
Food Composition >25000 food collected in 2015  
Food Labelling    
Food Promotion    
Food Prices    
Food Retail    
Food Provision    
Food Trade & Investment    


Outputs (publications, reports, conference presentations)

Huang, L., Li, N., Barzi, F., Ma, G., Trevena, H., Dunford, E., . . . Neal, B. (2015). A systematic review of the prevalence of nutrition labels and completeness of nutrient declarations on pre-packaged foods in China. J Public Health (Oxf), 37(4), 649-658. doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdu091

Huang, L., Neal, B., Dunford, E., Ma, G., Wu, J. H., Crino, M., & Trevena, H. (2016). Completeness of nutrient declarations and the average nutritional composition of pre-packaged foods in Beijing, China. Prev Med Rep, 4, 397-403. doi:10.1016/j.pmedr.2016.08.002