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INFORMAS work is ongoing in Canada in only 1 module: Monitoring health-related labelling and promotional characters/premium offers on packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages in retail outlets. The original protocol has been translated and adapted to Argentina. A data entry tool and database were designed for this project funded by a local grant from the Ministry of Health.

The TV adversting study in Argentina has been completed and sent to the PHN special issue on ultra-processed foods (awaiting final decision). Although we have not used the INFORMAS protocol for this study, we hope to be able to be part of the multi-country comparison.

There is interest in our team to continue work on the adaptation of other protocols including but not limited to food prices, trade and investment.

IMPORTANT: organization of INFORMAS meeting in Buenos Aires in October.




Acknowledgements / Funders

  • IDRC

  • Grant from the Ministry of Health


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Lorena Allemandi

Director of the Food Policy Department

FIC Argentina

Phone: +54 9 113682 7143

Email: Lorena Allemandi


Luciana Castronuovo

Senior Researcher
Food Policy Department
FIC Argentina

Email: Luciana Castronuovo


Maria Victoria Tiscornia


Food Policy Department

Email: Maria Victoria Tiscornia

Module Status (as of 03/28/17) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)    
Private Sector    
Food Composition - Interested   
Food Labelling - Data collection on claims and marketing strategies completed (about 300 products). Data analysis and final report in process.  
Food Promotion

- Internet: planning

- Social media/facebook: planning 

- TV: study ended. Sent to the PHN special issue on ultra-processed foods (not INFORMAS protocol) 

Food Prices - Searching for funding opportunities   
Food Retail    
Food Provision - Schools: interested  15, 20, 21 
Food Trade & Investment - Interested   


Outputs (publications, reports, conference presentations)

This is a synopsis of INFORMAS-related work by Canada to date.

Several INFORMAS Canada outputs are expected in 2017, including several accepted abstracts for presentation at ISBNPA conference in Victoria Canada, and the Canadian Nutrition Society Conference in Montreal, Canada: