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Food Prices


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What is the relative price and affordability of 'less healthy' vs 'healthy' foods, meals and diets?

Food prices and food affordability are important determinants of food choices, obesity and non-communicable diseases. The monitoring of the price and affordability of ‘healthy’ and ‘less healthy’ foods and diets globally will provide robust data and benchmarks to inform economic and fiscal policy responses.

A step-wise monitoring framework, including measurement indicators, has been proposed for INFORMAS:

  • ‘Minimal’ data collection will assess the differential price of ‘healthy’ and ‘less healthy’ foods
  • ‘Expanded’ monitoring will assess the differential price of ‘healthy’ and ‘less healthy’ diets
  • And the ‘optimal’ approach will also monitor food affordability, by taking into account household income


Module leader is Professor Amanda Lee


Picture of Amanda Lee

School of Public Health and Social Work and School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology
Queensland, Australia 
Email: Professor Amanda Lee

Relevant paper

Monitoring the price and affordability of foods and diets globally (pages 82–95) A. Lee, C. N. Mhurchu, G. Sacks, B. Swinburn, W. Snowdon, S. Vandevijvere, C. Hawkes, M. L'Abbé, M. Rayner, D. Sanders, S. Barquera, S. Friel, B. Kelly, S. Kumanyika, T. Lobstein, J. Ma, J. Macmullan, S. Mohan, C. Monteiro, B. Neal, C. Walker and INFORMAS

Read the INFORMAS paper online here


Food Prices Sample Protocol

Food prices sample protocol
Food Prices Sample Protocol - click to view