Appendix 1: Health Promotion Pathway Domains & Competencies Statements

Graduates of the Health Promotion Pathway in the SOPH will:

1. Develop situated practice

Develop a situated health promotion practice applying the concepts, principles and values of the Ottawa Charter and Te Tiriti o Waitangi to achieve equitable health outcomes.

2. Focus at a determinants level

Understand key determinants of health and aim to work at a determinants level, focusing on the development of healthy public policy, to reduce health disparities and to achieve social justice.

3. Translate and empower

Apply health promotion strategies including mediating, enabling and advocating to create supportive environments for the health and wellbeing of empowered communities.

4. Partner with indigenous and diverse communities

Apply theories, frameworks, principles, strategies and competences used within health promotion to understand and work within diverse communities in Aotearoa, recognising the special status of Māori within the New Zealand setting.

5. Solve complex future problems

Synthesise critical theory to understand and respond in a sustainable manner to complex problems in light of changing technologies, evolving contexts and global challenges in health.

6. Foster cutting edge research

Foster capabilities and collaborations that enable cutting edge research in health promotion to develop our own critical scholarship in health promotion and to foster practice-based research.


Appendix 2: Health Promotion at the University of Auckland in the SOPH involves:

Health Promotion