School of Population Health

Welcome to the Centre for Longitudinal Research – He Ara ki Mua

The Centre for Longitudinal Research – He Ara ki Mua was established as a University of Auckland Research Centre in 2010.


The Māori name which has been gifted means 'pathways to the future'. The key goals of the centre are to apply a longitudinal and life course approach (including appropriate methodologies) to provide relevant evidence that can be translated into improvements in population health and wellbeing. The centre operates with the following vision, mission and goals.


To provide relevant evidence to improve population health and development


To foster excellence and build capacity in life course research: design, methodology, analysis and translation


  • Support multidisciplinary research excellence and collaboration
    • Establish a successful infrastructure to support multidisciplinary research projects
    • Develop multidisciplinary frameworks to address issues related to the development of population health and wellbeing
  • Support a life course epidemiological research perspective
    • Develop protocols and methodologies to enable multidisciplinary life course research from design to analysis
  • Develop translational research expertise including:
    • Establishing and sustaining relationships with diverse stakeholder groups
    • Providing quality evidence to inform health and health related policy development
  • Contribute to New Zealand specific population relevant evidence
    • Apply research expertise to address health, wellbeing and developmental issues of relevance to the New Zealand population
    • Develop methodological approaches relevant to our diverse New Zealand population
  • Capacity development
    • Create a high quality research environment to attract and support students
    • Establish an environment where longitudinal research and academic career development are enabled