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Resilient Ageing in Place

The Resilient Ageing in Place project asked diverse groups of older New Zealanders ‘What is the ideal place to grow older?’. The New Zealand population is ‘ageing’, so as we grow older, where and how do we want to live? This website is intended as a resource for our research participants’ views and recommendations to be shared with policy-makers, service-providers, researchers, friends, whānau, and all of us who are growing older. This project is part of Social and Community Health at the School of Population Health, the University of Auckland, and is led by Dr Janine Wiles.

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Participants reports

Feedback meetings with participants in the Resilient Ageing in Place study were held to discuss research analysis and findings, after which these brief summary reports were sent out. Each report includes some comments from participants, and all names have been changed to protect identity; however, the names of the two study sites (Glen Innes and Tokoroa) have not been changed, as people were proud of where they lived.

The full recommendations and report draws from all of the participants’ reports, and includes a list of recommendations based on the participants’ views.

The Glen Innes/Ukutoia participants report and the Tokoroa participants report summarise some of the comments made by individuals and focus groups in each place.

The older Māori participants report covers views from focus groups with older Māori held in both Ukutoia and Tokoroa.

The Cook Island participants report and Chinese participants report have been translated, with the English version of these reports at the back.