School of Population Health

CAHRE past events

Community Engagement Meeting, July 24 2007

CAHRE hosted a Community Engagement Meeting on 24th of July (Tuesday) at the School of Population Health where a number of Asian community leaders from distinctive Asian communities were invited to take part. Community leaders from Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Korean and Japanese communities were among the participants. The objectives of this meeting were to have a better understanding and update about the current activities within the Asian communities and to explore the possibilities of working together effectively in future to enhance the wellbeing of the Asian population in New Zealand. Another objective was to know the health and wellbeing related needs concerning the communities.

Each community organisation was requested to make a brief presentation on their current activities. It was a great experience to know about the strength and wealth of experience within the Asian communities. In the end the CAHRE Director Samson Tse summed up the entire meeting with a short presentation about CAHRE and its current research projects. He also extended warm invitations to the community organisations to work collaboratively in near future. The key areas of potential collaboration include:

  • Cross-linking of websites
  • Sharing of expertise and experience in designing and implementing Asian research projects in a culturally appropriate manner
  • Promoting relevant research projects in the communities
  • Dissemination of research findings