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Increasing the effectiveness of the HEHA workforce - Māori and Pacific

HEHA is a strategic approach by the Ministry of Health to improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and achieving healthy weight for all New Zealanders. The primary research goal of the HEHA Workforce Effectiveness Project is to establish ways to improve the effectiveness of the health workforce engaged in the delivery of nutrition and physical activity initiatives for Māori and Pacific peoples.

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The research team will utilise participatory action research in collaboration with three partner DHBs and HEHA initiatives focused primarily on Maori and Pacific communities and clients, reflecting an Appreciative Inquiry method. This strengths-based approach will highlight and share HEHA successes to help address differences in health outcomes between Maori, Pacific and other populations.

The research will capture the different perspectives of clients, whanau, communities, HEHA workers and DHBs. An over-arching strengths-based framework will be developed during the research with up to three DHB-specific responsive models that can be transferred to other DHB settings and HEHA initiatives. In addition a sustainable monitoring system will be established for DHBs to continually improve the effectiveness of the health workforce's HEHA initiatives.

Contract term: 24 months 01/01/09-03/12/10

Project funding:Health Research Council

Principal investigator: Assoc Prof Nicola North (CHSRP)

Investigators:Dr Teuila Percival (Pacific Health Section), Amanda Dunlop-Hill (Pacific Health Section), Dr. Siniva Sinclair (CMDHB), Dr Peter Carswell (CHSRP), Dr Janet Clinton (CHSRP), Faith Mahony (CHSRP), Dr Lorna Dyall (CHSRP), Puti Wilson (CHSRP), Dr Rob McNeill (CHSRP)

Project manager: Faith Mahony (CHSRP)

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