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Evaluation of the Enua Ola Pacific Community HEHA Project (Enua Ola)

This project involves undertaking formatively-based process and immediate outcome evaluations of 14 newly registered Pacific churches to the project to understand whether Enua Ola is effective, and obtain information (key learnings) to support its ongoing development and adaption, and ultimately achievement of its aims and objectives.

Contract term: 39 months 9/08 - 12/11

Project funding: Waitemata District Health Board

Principal Investigators: Dr Janet Clinton (CHRSP), Dr Teuila Percival (Pacific Health Section)

Investigators: Amanda Dunlop-Hill (Pacific Health Section), Gavin Faeamani (Pacific Health Section),

Tim O’Connor (CHSRP), Dr Janet Clinton (CHSRP) Faith Mahony (CHSRP)

Project Managers: Faith Mahony (CHRSP)

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