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Health Systems - Research

Until 2010, our research was administered under the Centre for Health Services Research and Policy (CHSRP). However in 2012, the Health Systems section became an associate of the National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI). The vision of NIHI is to apply innovative approaches to new models of healthcare and to improving individual and population health.

Research in Health Systems covers a range of disciplines and expertise including health economics, health management, programme evaluation, health services research, organizational psychology and public health ethics. Our broad aims are to advance understanding of the structure, processes and effects of health services and health policy, with a view to the more effective management and delivery of services and a more efficient and equitable health system. Research areas are wide ranging and include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of health services and programmes
  • Economic evaluation of health interventions
  • Health policy analysis
  • Development of the conceptual and theoretical components which underlie health services and health policy research
  • Conduct and analysis of national surveys
  • Analysis of health data
  • Analysis of organisational behaviour
  • Health Leadership
  • Organisational Development related to Health Care Organisations
  • Health Workforce Retention
  • Health Coaching

Current projects

Evaluation of Urgent Care Initiatives in the Auckland region. We are evaluating recent initiatives in urgent care in the greater Auckland region that seek to:

  • (i) reduce the impact of cost barriers on primary care utilisation after-hours, and
  • (ii) shift some urgent care demand from hospital emergency departments (EDs) to (A & M) clinics.

These initiatives are the after-hours initiative (AH) in which after-hours services provided by A & Ms for targeted population groups are subsidised, and telephone triage (TT) services are expanded; and the St John Transport Project (SJTP), which enables ambulances to transfer low acuity patients to A & M centres instead of EDs, by subsidising the patients’ A & M co-payment. The research adopts a mixed-methods approach, in which we conduct key informant interviews, a survey of after hours patients in EDs and A & Ms, focus groups with patients and providers, interviews with general practitioners, and the collection and analysis of service utilisation data. This research is funded by the HRC and the Ministry of Health under their Partnership Programme for researching the Better, Sooner, More Convenient Primary Health Care initiative.

Implementing models of primary health care for older adults with complex needs: In this HRC-funded project, we are collaborating with a team of Canadian researchers to examine what are the steps to the successful implementation and scaling-up of integrated models of community-based primary health care that address health and social needs and improve outcomes for older adults with complex care needs. Key outcomes of this research will be performance measures at the patient/family, provider, organisation and system levels, and a systematic guide to the design, implementation and scaling-up of innovative models of community-based primary health care.

The QUALICOPC project: This project aims to evaluate primary care systems in 31 countries against criteria of quality, equity and costs. Data collection in New Zealand has been funded by the Ministry of Health. See the Qualicopc website.

Shorter Stays in Emergency Departments (SSED): The SSED National Research Project is a joint HRC-funded project between Auckland District Health Board and the University of Auckland investigating the effect of the 6hr NZ ED time target on clinical markers of quality of care and the process of policy implementation. See the SSED Research website.

The costs and complications of prostate cancer: This HRC-funded study, led by Prof Ross Lawrenson, is investigating the spectrum of complications arising from the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Researchers from Health Systems are estimating the costs of associated care to individuals and the health service.

Recent publications and reports



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