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Auckland Region Vascular Atlas

Online Atlas map comparison table

  Single and double map Performance map Radar map Ring map

Data display features

Show data by year 
Show data by demographic group (age, gender, ethnicity)
Show data by District Health Board (DHB) General Electorate District (GED) only
Show data on bar chart
Show data on line chart
Show all values on basic table (showing proportion and count only for each variable)
Show all values on advanced table
Show all values on radar
Show all values as ring segments

Making comparisons

For rate between ANY demographic groups for ANY year 
For rates between age groups, gender, and ethnicity for SAME year
For rates between ethnicity only
Visualise geographic variations between specific GEDs
Visualise patterns / variations between age, gender and ethnicty

Other useful configurations

Comparing rates for most-deprived and least-deprived GEDs
Comparing rates between DHBs for any groups in any year
Visualise the distribution of data across ALL demographic groups and compare them between GEDs

User guides and example maps

Including tutorials for navigation, display, analysis of data, and video demonstrations Click here Click here Click here Click here