School of Population Health

The Injury and Trauma Research Group

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Co-Directed by Professor Shanthi Ameratunga with Associate Professor Bridget Kool, this group collaborates with research partners across the school, the Departments of Paediatrics, Surgery, and Psychological Medicine at the School of Medicine, District Health Boards of Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waitemata and Waikato, the Injury Prevention Research Unit (University of Otago), and several international groups. The strategic priorities reflected in the multi-disciplinary research programme include generating policy-relevant evidence to reduce the burden of road traffic crashes, promote active modes of travel and low-carbon transport systems that are inclusive, accessible and sustainable; prevent unintentional injuries, especially those at home; prevent child maltreatment; preventions to reduce alcohol-related trauma; development of an alcohol risk communication tool for use in primary care, and providing research leadership for the development of innovative integrated models of pre-hospital and acute trauma service delivery and equitable support services that reduce post-injury disability.

The team has successfully completed major project grants funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, the Wellcome Trust (UK), the Accident Compensation Corporation, the Health Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Health among other agencies. Funded by an International Collaborative Research Grant, researchers have also been actively engaged in developing the capacity and capability for injury prevention in the Pacific, partnering with the Fiji School of Medicine and Departments of Health in Fiji, Samoa and Palau. Other international collaborations involve The George Institute for International Health (University of Sydney), the Victorian State-wide Trauma Registry (Monash University),  and Road Traffic Injury Research Network and the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

Members of the team serve on several national and international research and policy committees including the New Zealand Trauma Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Statistics New Zealand Serious Injury Data Working Group, the Major Trauma National Clinic Network, and regional transport and environmental health groups.

Members of the group serve on the editorial boards of leading scientific journals in the field, Injury Prevention and Injury. Members of the team are strongly committed to translating evidence to effective policy and practice, and strengthening the workforce, and contributing to graduate and postgraduate courses in New Zealand and Australia, and traning workshops in Australasia and the Pacific region.



Key Researchers based at the School of Population Health:

Professor Shanthi Ameratunga and Associate Professor Bridget Kool (Co-Directors)

Dr Josephine Aumea Herman

Dr Jamie Hosking

Dr Roshini Peiris-John

Dr Sarah Sharpe

Dr Sandar Tin Tin

Dr Varuni Tennakoon

Dr Iris Wainiqolo

Professor Alistair Woodward