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Deprivation and Health Geography within NZ

Health geography

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Health Geography includes themes such as health inequalities and how social and physical environments shape human health. At present, there are two main themes of research. The Auckland Region Vascular Atlas (ARVA) integrates methods from epidemiology and geography to investigate and visualise the burden of disease in the Auckland Region and the provision of services (community laboratory tests, pharmaceutical management and hospital procedures) using socio-demographic and spatial factors. The project is funded by the Auckland Medical Research Foundation.

The Vascular Informatics Using Epidemiology and the Web (VIEW) project aims to develop more accurate vascular risk prediction, better vascular risk management, and to reduce disparities in vascular disease burden. The VIEW research programme will develop better risk prediction tools to identify high-risk patients; quantify and map gaps and disparities in appropriate treatment; and model the impact of treatment disparities on CVD burden.