GATE (Graphic Appraisal Tools for Epidemiology) workbooks for quantitative studies

In this section we provide updated (2019) versions of our MS Excel-based GATE workbooks. 

  • GATE workbooks are designed to help users work through the steps of evidence-based practice in relation to a clinical problem and to provide a template for keeping a standard record of the process.
  • They are presented as MS Excel workbooks, so you will need this software.
  • Each GATE workbook has three main sheets that follow the steps of evidence-based practice. These are: Sheet 1. Ask & Acquire; Sheet 2. Appraise; Sheet 3. Apply.
  • The Appraise sheet includes a complete critical appraisal on one page.
  • The workbooks are designed primarily to be completed and read electronically and because of the amount of text on the Appraise sheet, it will print onto 3 or 4 pages in Landscape.
  • With the exception of the Systematic Reviews workbook, all workbooks have a calculator embedded in the Appraise sheet. When you type the study numbers into the GATE frame, some simple summary statistics with 95% CIs are calculated in the Table below.
  • The Appraise sheet for the Diagnostic test accuracy workbook also includes a likelihood ratio nomogram (on the right) that is automatically filled in when you type numbers into the GATE frame. You can modify the pre-test probability and likelihood ratios by typing into the appropriate cells above the nomogram.
  • Users fill in the yellow- or orange-coloured fields of the workbooks. Most of yellow/orange fields either have prompt questions that should be deleted after addressing the questions or pop-up boxes. These pop-up boxes can be easily moved around by clicking and dragging.

Download the GATE workbooks:

3. Prognostic studies
(66.6 kB, EXCEL)
4. Case control studies
(48.3 kB, EXCEL)
5. Systematic reviews
(105.7 kB, EXCEL)