Oticon Foundation Hearing Education Centre

Spring Symposium 2017 - The Future of Audiology

Date Thursday 7th September, 2017
Venue Room 722.201
Tamaki Campus
The University of Auckland261 Morrin Road, Glen Innes, Auckland.

Topics covered:

Science: Molecules, pharmacology, genetics and stem cells. What is going on in the laboratories now that will influence audiology in the future?

Technology: devices to improve hearing, new testing technologies, tinnitus treatments and programming techniques. What are the technologies that will influence your clinical practice in the future?

Policy and Scope of Practice: audiologists outside the clinic, using skills and techniques in new ways. How can audiological practice be broadened and how can the invisible barriers be broken?

Taboo Topics in Audiology: Undercurrents, fear and loathing. What don’t we like to talk about?

The experts will provide their views and address your concerns and questions in an interesting and interactive day-long symposium. Be there!

Attendance at the Symposium will be worth CEPs for NZAS members.

Please see the pdf document for the Plan of the Day. Please Remember to Register to attend by clicking the link below:

Registration for attendance at the event is $85.

Symposium Co-ordinator: Kirsty McEnteer (audiology@auckland.ac.nz)



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