School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy internship programme

What is the internships programme?

The EVOLVE Intern Training Programme is a one-year pre-registration training for pharmacy graduates, run by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand (PSNZ Inc). It officially runs from 1 February to mid December each year. After successfully completing the programme, you will become registered as a pharmacist in New Zealand. You must complete the programme within two years of graduating.

Steps to take before you graduate




1 Semester One Prepare your CV.
2 April Attend a talk by the EVOLVE team and the Pharmacy Council.
3 June - September Look for a pharmacy. Approach local pharmacists in your area and search for positions by using the password-protected EVOLVE website at
4 31 October Fill out the application pack, available from the School of Pharmacy or PSNZ website.


  1. Pharmacies or other intern sites must meet set approval criteria (see PSNZ website for details)
  2. You must have a preceptor who meets the set approval criteria, which include having at least three years’ experience as a registered pharmacist, holding an Annual Practising Certificate without any conditions and having a "clean record".
  3. You are responsible for finding a suitable intern site.
  4. You can split your internship among more than one site, eg, in industry, academia or government, so long as the majority of your time is spent with your preceptor. Contact EVOLVE for more details. For more information about the intern programme go to

Programme fees (2017)

NZ residents: $4420 incl. GST

Non-NZ residents: $6400 incl. GST

These may increase in 2018.


English requirements

The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand sets the English requirements for interns.