School of Pharmacy

General Education

The University has a General Education programme in its undergraduate degrees. General Education aims to produce graduates with:

  • flexibility
  • critical thinking skills
  • an appreciation and understanding of fields outside of their usual area of study.


Students are required to undertake one General Education course (15 points).

General Education courses are identified by a 'G' in their course code, for example HISTORY 103G.

Bachelor of Pharmacy students must undertake their General Education in the second semester of their first year, or the first semester of their second year.

There are a number of additional requirements:

  • you cannot take a General Education course in a subject in which you have previously enrolled, are already enrolled or intend to enrol
  • language courses do not satisfy the General Education requirement if you are a native speaker of the language or have previously studied the language.

More information can be found on the General Education website.