School of Pharmacy

Auckland Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA)

The Auckland Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA) is a branch of the New Zealand Association of Pharmacy Students. Each year, a group of executive members are elected from the student body. Their main function is to represent pharmacy students in all aspects of student life and to facilitate social, sporting, cultural and academic activities.

Events that are annually organised by APSA include inter-year sporting competitions, class dinners, pub crawls. These events promote opportunities to meet fellow BPharm students from other years and provide a welcome break from the academic side of university. This year we are starting a pharmacy revue, which has evolved from the less structured 'pharmacy idol', and will be a chance for students to perform and show their talents! We also run a yearly interns night and help out during Continuing Education lectures monthly. In addition, the Fresher’s Camp is fully run by the APSA execs with the main aim of providing the new intake of pharmacy students a chance to meet classmates before the academic year starts, and to get to know the execs so they will know a friendly face around campus.

There are two elected class representatives from each year whose main duty is to represent their class. Representatives need to display leadership, confidence and have good communication skills to be able to articulate to the class any upcoming events and report problems with courses to relevant staff members. They are expected to attend weekly APSA meetings as well as Staff Student Committee meetings. Being a class rep is a good opportunity to witness and partake in the ‘behind the scenes’ of the students’ association, provides the opportunity to associate with teaching staff, and looks good on your CV!

Throughout the year the APSA execs are constantly working to find new sponsors to lower the cost of events. Thus, each year we rely on the generosity of sponsors such as Douglas pharmaceuticals, propharma various drug and health companies and pharmacies to lower the cost of the events that we run and also to assist in the production of the pharmacy end-of-year magazine, PharMag.

Membership is $25 per year. This entitles you to bagful of goodies and discounts for all the APSA events throughout the year. Join up during March and be part of APSA to make the most of your time at the School of Pharmacy.

For more information about membership and the APSA execs please visit the official APSA website.