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John Parsons

Pathway to postgraduate studies

John is a registered physiotherapist with 14 years of clinical experience in both UK and New Zealand. He is committed to the integration of health professionals expertise across the interdisciplinary spectrum. He has been actively involved in the development of person, client or patient centred rehabilitation services in a variety of settings. In his role as Allied Health Team Leader at Waitemata DHB he was instrumental in the design and implementation of a goal setting tool for use by older people admitted to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation wards. He completed a post-graduate diploma in neurological physiotherapy in 2002 at Auckland University of Technology and his Master of Health Science at the University of Auckland in 2004.

Completed work

'Goal facilitation for older people'

Funded by HRC Disability Research Placement Programme grant the study blended both health care and health management explored the impact of a designated goal facilitation tool on health-related quality of life, social support and physical function among a sample of 205 community dwelling older people referred for home-based support services (HBSS). A comprehensive model was developed to consider the complex interactions inherent within the healthcare and social system within which the study occurred. One specific purpose of the model was to determine how the use of the goal facilitation tool facilitated the implementation of core components of a ‘restorative model’ of support for older people living in the community. The main finding was a significantly greater change over time in Health Related Quality of Life (as measured by Short Form 36 Survey (SF-36)) in the intervention group (p=0.0001). The study findings contribute to a greater understanding of the factors necessary to implement improvements in the services provided to older people receiving assistance in the home and highlight the complex interaction between the client, their family / whānau, the assessment and service delivery organisations and the direction provided by local and national policies and directives.

Current work

Over the past four years, John has been the principal investigator on a large trial in South Auckland investigating the management of chronic conditions (Consumers with Chronic Conditions). In addition he is named investigator on five large funded studies (Personal Trainer Assisted Strength Training Programme for Pacific Men with Diabetes; Feasibility Trial of GrandStand and Vibration Training in Frail Older People; Educating future health care professionals to support people with chronic conditions to live better and live longer; Ageing and disability in Pacific peoples; Preventing falls in residential care: targeted exercise or a multi-factorial programme). Furthermore he has been named investigator and a member of the operations committee on several HRC funded large exercise trials including: Frailty Intervention Trial in Elderly Subjects (FITNESS); Promoting Independence in Residential Care (PIRC); Promoting independence living study (PILS) and Depression and Exercise in older people Trial (DELiTTE).