School of Nursing

David Garland

Pathway to postgraduate studies

David started his post graduate nursing studies in 2005 and completed his diploma on 2008. Working as a nurse educator and nurse specialist in the ophthalmology department at the Greenlane Clinical Centre, David had a specific focus on Sub-Tenon’s local anaesthesia for cataract surgery and is one of two nurse specialist who have been audited to administer this technique. Beginning 2009, David commenced his master’s thesis, exploring factors associated with pain experienced by patients undergoing sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia.

Current work

'Exploring the factors associated with reduction in patient pain in relation to a Sub-Tenon's anaesthetic eye block for cataract surgery'

Despite being well tolerated patients, a significant amount of people undergoing sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia prior to cataract surgery experience varying degrees of discomfort and pain. The research study was intended to explore numerous factors that may have a relationship between pain and the administration of sub-Tenon’s anaesthesia such as speed and volume of injection, anaesthetic practitioner involved in administering the injection and patient demographics. Set up as a quantitative audit over a six month period, 617 participants were recruited to the study, which identified that gender has statistically significant relationship between pain and sub-Tenon’s injection.

David is currently completing his master’s thesis which will finish early in 2011. The whole experience has helped David appreciate the value that research has in guiding best practice. While being demanding at times, the study has ultimately been a rewarding and extremely beneficial experience. David is working towards being a Nurse Practitioner based in ophthalmology.