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Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation (MORSim)

MORSim Team Photo (2016) From left to right: Professor Alan Merry, Professor Ian Civil, Dr Jane Torrie, Associate Professor Jennifer Weller, Dr Craig Webster, Kaylene Henderson, Dr David Cumin
Associate Professor Jennifer Weller with Minister Stephen Joyce - MORSim Associate Professor Jennifer Weller at the Vice Chancellors Research Excellence Awards discussing MORSim with the Minister of Science and Innovation, Hon. Steven Joyce.


"Safe surgery demands skilled teamwork and expert communication to ensure the intended outcomes are achieved. Team training makes for smoother, safer surgery and fewer problems for sugical teams and patients.

The University of Auckland has developed the MORSim programme to improve communication and teamwork in the operating room. MORSim is being implemented natioanlly, with funding by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and collaborative support from the Health Quality Safety Commission..."




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Publications from the MORSim Pilot

Information transfer in multidisciplinary operating room teams: a simulation-based observational study
Original article published in the British Medical Journal of Quality & Saftey (2016) (203.6 kB, PDF)