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The School of Medicine Research Committee

Our key goals are to:

  • Promote a culture of research
  • Advise on PBRF funds distribution
  • Enhance PBRF scores of academic staff
  • Increase PhD and masters completions
  • Advocate for appropriate laboratory and clinical research space
  • Increase external research funding
  • Celebrate successes


FMHS Research Committee Representatives:


PReSS Account balances available for Doctoral Students

New functionality has been introduced that allows doctoral students to view their PReSS account balances themselves. For students with an active PReSS account, there will be a link on their Student Services Online (SSO) homepage that will take them to a monthly report that details their PReSS account balance and any transactions. The report will be refreshed on the 9th working day of each month.

In addition to this new functionality a number of FAQs have been loaded onto to both the staff and student Knowledgebases. These FAQs provide information about PReSS accounts including information on what they can spend their allocations on (or not) and includes links to the doctoral policies and guidelines. PReSS Account Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

It is hoped that this new functionality and the additions to the KnowledgeBase will alleviate the enquiries that the Group Services teams deal with around PReSS accounts. Some of the more commonly asked questions are attached.

A short presentation is attached that shows screen shots of the new functionality. Jane Gresham can be contacted at for further information or assistance.

2018 School of Medicine PBRF grant application deadline

In 2018 there will be only one funding round for SOM PBRF grants.

  • 21 April 2018, 5pm

Postgraduate research students