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Surgical Research Network - Postgraduate students

The Surgical Research Network has established itself as the leading environment in Australia and New Zealand for doctoral research by surgical trainees, with 31 of the current 39 postgraduate students being medical graduates who have embarked on a surgical career. Each of our students has an individual research programme, and are members of at least one research group and have regular meetings with their supervisors and colleagues to discuss progress.

PhD candidates

BROWN, Lisa Dr. Improving the drainage of infected pancreatic necrosis: Accelerated liquefaction and drain re-design Dr. Anthony Phillips
EDWARDS, Melissa Dr. The effect of multimorbidity on breast cancer outcomes in New Zealand A/Professor Ian Campbell
ESCOTT, Alisatiar Dr. Towards the treatment of toxic thoracic duct lymph in critical illness Professor John A. Windsor
HOGGARD, Michael Mr. Elucidating the host-microbe interplay in mucosal degradation associated with chronic rhinosinusitis Dr. Mike Taylor
JAIN, Ravi Dr. The mucosal response to corticosteroids and retinoids in chronic sinusitis A/Professor Richard Douglas
JAUNG, Rebekah Dr.
Risk factors, pathophysiology and management of diverticular disease Professor Ian Bissett
JOHNSTON, James Dr. The nature of microbial involvement in the development of adenotonsillar hyperplasia A/Professor Richard Douglas
KEANE, Celia Dr. Anterior resection syndrome: A pathophysiological definition Professor Ian Bissett
LAUTI, Melanie Dr. Better outcomes following bariatric surgery (The BOBS Study) – investigating why patients regain weight after surgery and preventing it Mr. Andrew MacCormick
LIN, Anthony Dr. Optimizing sacral neuromodulation in faecal incontinence Professor Ian Bissett
MILNE, Tony Dr. Developing an intervention for prolonged postoperative ileus in patients undergoing bowel resection Professor Ian Bissett
PENDHARKAR, Sayali Ms. New insights into pancreatogenic diabetes Dr. Max Petrov
PHANG, Luke Dr. Mesenteric lymphatics of Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in acute critical illness Prof. John Windsor
PREMKUMAR, Rakesh Dr. Obesity conditioned mesenteric lymph: Composition, cytotoxicity and impact on the severity of acute pancreatitis Dr. Anthony Phillips
STOWERS, Marinus Dr. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in elective hip and knee arthroplasty Professor Andrew Hill
SU'A, Bruce Dr. Defining a biomarker profile in predicting anastomotic leak after colon surgery Professor Andrew Hill
SWAN, Peter Dr. Thermal properties of the liver – improving understanding and outcome from microwave ablation of hepatic tumours Mr. Adam Bartlett
VESTY, Anna Ms. The role of the oral microbiome in pre-malignant and malignant lesions of the oral cavity A/Professor Richard Douglas
WAGNER, Brett Ms. Role of the microbiome in pathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis A/Professor Richard Douglas
WANG, Willy Dr. Cyclic voltammetry for the real time assessment of antioxidant status in patients with acute and critical illnesses Dr. Anthony Phillips

MD candidates

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ALLEN, Jacqui Dr.  Type 1 collagen and TGF-Beta modulation in airway stenosis using halofuginone Mr. Richard Douglas
Dr. Chui Ee Ho Effects of surgical diathermy plume on the health of medical professionals and a glance at risk reduction measures to minimise effects and harm Mr. Thodur Vasudevan
Dr. Edda Jessen Nutrition and metabolism in morbidly obese critically ill patients Prof. Andrew Hill
NEEFF, Michel Mr. An investigation of the relationship between the microbiology of chronic suppurative otitis media and the subsequent inflammatory response Dr. Michael Taylor
Dr. Avinash Sharma Prevalence of faecal incontinence in New Zealand A/Prof. Ian Bissett
YOUNG, Simon Mr. Reducing deep infection in total knee arthroplasty A/Professor Rocco Pitto

Masters students

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Honours students

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