South Auckland Clinical Campus

Plastic Surgery Research Group - publications


  • Eom J, Feisst V, Ranjard L, Loomes K, Damani T, Jackson-Patel V, Locke M, Sheppard H, Narayan PJ, Dunbar PR . Visualization and Quantification of Mesenchymal Cell Adipogenic Differentiation Potential with a Lineage Specific Marker. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2018;e57153 doi: 10.3791/57153
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  • Lyons O, Su'a B, Locke MB, Hill A. A systematic review of leadership training for medical students. New Zealand Medical Journal, 2018;131(1468):75-84
  • McLaughlin SJP, Kenealy J, Locke, MB. Effect of a See and Treat clinic on skin cancer treatment time. ANZ Journal of Surgery, 2018:88(5):474-479

Past publications