School of Medicine

Surgical Research Network - Our vision

Committed to supporting and developing surgical research

It has been a deliberate policy to encourage research across the entire spectrum of basic, translational, and clinical research.  This sets the SRN apart from other surgical research groups in Australia and New Zealand, and opens up considerably more opportunities.  Research along this ‘bench to bedside’ continuum is supported by two recent developments in the Surgical Research Network.

The first is the development of a new laboratory concept and space within the heart of the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery (the largest Centre for Research Excellence in New Zealand, which we have called the ‘Applied Surgery and Metabolism Laboratory’ (ASML). The Director of ASML is Dr. Anthony Phillips BSc MBChB PhD. Already several surgical research groups are linked with the ASML. And the vision for this has been recognised by the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Auckland through financial support from his Strategic Development Fund. 

The second development is the establishment of the 'Surgical Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation' (SCORE) for the support of translational and clinical research. A number of clinical trials are underway.

Our goals

  • Provide scientific, administrative, and financial support of surgical research
  • Help meet the specific research needs of busy surgeons and surgical trainees
  • Support clinical, translational and basic science research
  • Strengthen collaborative links with other research centres
  • Train the future leaders in surgery through postgraduate programmes
  • Develop opportunities to evaluate medical devices
  • Facilitate contract and commercial research
  • Raise funds to support surgical research